Michael-ism Part III

Mike trips and almost falls inside the toilet, “BABE! If I didn’t have good coordination, I’d be inside the toilet! Thennnnnnnnn what would you have?! Not Maaaaaa-chal but maaaaaaaaaa-tong(Chinese word for toilet)!”


“Why are you so cute?” “That’s my other talent”


“Babe, on a scale of 1 to 1000 how cute am I?


“I want to be a shark!” Puts hand on top of his head like a fin “I did it!!!!!”


On being replaced by a baby if we ever have one and on concerns about being casted into oblivion, “No, I’m at least 3x cuter than a baby. I can do everything they do except better” *pouts his lips and make a whimper noise


“Tell him to practice his mandarin when he asks her so he can be smooth like F4″


“Bomb to the half show to the 2 times 3rd power”


José Andrés – The Bazaar

Currently craving and craving Bazaar… I won’t bore you with the full review but here are some photos to wet your palate.

bazaar 5 bazaar 6

Who wants to go on a double date???

Eureka! Indian Wells

New review up on Yelp!

Check it friends and loved ones and foodies near and far:



Oh dangggggg yo. It hit the spot.

Hear Him Roar!

Michael Wang, on the evening of the 18th of November, passed his PMP exam. I’m going to whip up a grand grand meal for this grand grand man of mine. I’m so proud of you, is there anything you can’t do? Just today, for a day, USC can be > NYU.

Hear him roar, ROARRRRRRRRRR!

hear me roar

No more studying!! No more watching Mike play with his flashcards while I twiddle my thumb!!! I declare a new nocturnal routine of endlessly pigging out together on the couch while massaging each other while marathoning Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Close friends welcome.

You are my hero! See you soon, get ready to feast!

Gadget Rave: Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve

We’ve been going to a Sparadise in Hollywood for a couple of times and last time in, we noticed a few glowy, misting orbs that emitted the most amazing essential oils. I inquired about them and was told that they were essential oil diffusers. Apparently, all you do is turn on after water and a few drops of essential oils are added (they used lemongrass) and a fine mist start diffusing from the little machines.

Needless to say, we picked one up right away after purchasing a small vile of lavender oil over our anniversary weekend in Solvang. The guy who worked in the lavender farm’s gift shop raved about the benefits of lavender (which are many) so for those who have trouble falling asleep especially, this combo is for you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.27.02 PM

Of the manyyyyyyy choices you have in essential oil diffusers, we picked the Deneve. It was the most aesthetically pleasing exterior to me and very highly reviewed on Amazon.com. We wanted a quieter model since the one in the Thai spa was pretty loud. The set-up is essentially non-existent. All you have to do is take it out of the box, plug in, add water and go. The mist came out so quickly after I turned it on that I gasped. It was great fun watching Mike’s reaction the first time he worked the machine. The amount of time it takes for the mist to come out (no time at all) really caught him by surprise too. We’ve been using it every night since we got it (it has an auto shut-off) and will be using it FOREVER. This could be in my head but I feel like I’m sleeping better (I had no trouble sleeping historically though).

For those looking for an essential oil diffuser, I can’t rave enough about this one. For those who have not considered it, you don’t know what you’re missing….

Does anyone have another that they love, wouldn’t mind trying a few others in other rooms. In the bedroom, we’ll stick with the Deneve.

Amazon, with each awesome purchase, we fall more deeply in love with you. For the endless awesome products you offer, we extend the most sincere gratitude.

-Sleeping Wangs.

Michael-ism Part II

M: “Ow! You hurt my interstacial rib!”
L: “Your what?”
M: “My interstacial rib! Part of the interstacial, part of the equilibrium of my skeletal function”


L: “You have the most beautiful and gentle brown eyes I’ver ever seen.”
M: “Yea, I do”


when I poked him too hard, “OW! My intermedial species” sigh….if only his in-laws who are both doctors knew that Mike, and not their own daughter is more gifted in the medical sciences


“My goal in life is to look cute, I just have to be careful at work”


another time that I was playing rough, “Ahhhhhh! my articularventricular vein!”


I pointed to some scrapes on his arm, “What happened?!” “I got in a fight with a bobcat”


I love you husband. You make me laugh sometimes.



More Michael-isms here.

Planted a Hershey’s Kiss on Mike

Husband and I visited my hometown in Hershey, PA while in NYC for the Jung wedding this past summer. Gosh, Hershey…I’ve missed you. Even though I was there for just a few short years, they were nonetheless pivotal and life defining. Afterall, Hershey was where I:

-graduated high school
-fell in love for the first time
-became a big sister
-got my driver’s license
-held my first job

oh innocent, naive, bright-eyed Lucy….how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown (more growing always appreciated I know!) I can’t describe how I felt as we drove to Hershey High, Hershey School of Dance, the Pantry, the Outlets, Hotel Hershey, Hershey Park… in the blink of an eye, I traveled back in time, yet holding Mike’s hand, I know that I’ve moved on from this beautiful place. As old memories washed me anew, I’m reminded of school dances, tennis games, lunchtime, Prod, Key Club, Student Council, Band, field hockey, dance recitals, and feeling 16 going on 25 (and how wrong I was) Husband, it was a pleasure to show you where I came from. I hope you loved Hershey as much as I miss it.


2. Mike in front of our old house 4. Mike in front of Hershey High

hershey 1

My 2nd great love after Michael Wang – the food. Oh Hershey, you did me proud.

Blowing a Hershey’s kiss to the sweetest place on earth

Wang Traditions – Pumpkin Carving

Growing up in a first generation immigrant family we didn’t do much during American holidays. For years and years I envied my friends whose families had traditions and longed to participate. As I grew up, I realized that it wasn’t the easter basket or stockings over the mantel that I desired but what those family traditions signified. They marked time and memories and growth and celebration. They represented quality time with people that are important and added a depth of flavor to every day life. They broke up the mundane and gave distinction to who you are and who your family is.

Rounding out our first year of marriage we decided to host our first ever pumpkin carving party and thoroughly enjoyed our time with friends. Ok…maybe we enjoyed the food the most. Mike carved a VW and I chose a Sanrio character. I’m thinking I’ll do a different Sanrio character each year going forward but for now enjoy badtz maru!


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

~Mrs. Maru

P.S. we’re best friends with this Disney princess and her prince charming. That’s all.

halloween 1

LA Bucket List

The season is changing. I can’t believe November is soon upon us…Truth be told, I haven’t liked living in Los Angeles. I can’t help but miss the pace and convenience of my beloved New York and hard as I tried, I couldn’t get over the endless traffic that inevitably seeped into all aspects of my life. Yet, it’s undeniable that this forever sunny city offers endless entertainment that we’ve never capitalize on. Ergo…

The Wangs are coming up with a LA bucket list. We hope to check off this list in the next few months and hope that some of you will join us as explore and discover beautiful LA.

LA Bucket List:

-go camping
-go see Hunger Games, Catching Fire Part I with a group
-hike by the beach at sunrise/sunset
-LACMA (and obligatory photo opp)
-Langham Hotel – DONE!
-San Diego
-Palm Springs
-Getty Villa
-Discover at Terranea with Ellena and Dora



I want to stroll over heaven with you some glad day…

Dearest Michael Wang,

Happy 1st wedding anniversary to you. I thought I could write a long, overflowingly sappy love letter to you here on our blog and use overly eloquent words and phrases to profess my love and gratitude (see what I’m doing here?) Or I can make it quick and sweet because one way or another, I’m determined to commemorate our first year together as husband and wife. So how about both?

My best friend, lover, truest companion til the very end…Thank you for this year! Wowwwww, what a year of very high highs and very low lows! It’s truly been a wild but delightful adventure these last 12 months. My love for you has deepened as has my profound respect for you as a leader and a friend. Your humble spirit and gentle nature has won me over again and again. Thank you for continuously drawing close to God even though your wife can make leading our family difficult at times. For the endless laughter you’ve brought me this year (and I know how hard you try on a daily basis), I’m forever grateful. Thank you for keeping an open mind on our future, for being fearless in carving out a path of our own – for entertaining the possibility of embarking on an every crazier adventure by my side, to discover, explore, and experience. You’ve etched deep in my heart and mind a love that I’ve never experienced. Without you, my days would be completely colorless. Enough sap yet?

anni 1

Here comes the more condensed version of my endless but sincere gratitude list -Thank you husband for:

1. proposing and taking everyone to Fletcher’s after. That was a glorious meal and it is a glorious ring
2. your reaction when I walked down the aisle
3. flying me to beautiful Bora Bora for our honeymoon and letting me climb on your back at the ray feeding
4. post-Thanksgiving Vegas Trip
5. 1st visit to Disney
6. birthday trip to snowboarding and teaching me very patiently day after day
7. back rubs and feet rubs and butterfly kisses every morning before you leave
8. always saying “I love you” after we bicker and always saying “I love you” before you hang up
9. weekly trips to Fletchers – hands down best tacos in all the land (including Mexico – not that I’ve been)
10. my goyard. I will take care of it like my first born
11. your patience. I would melt without it
12. your humor. I would melt without it
13. my future golden retriever puppy
14. your big soft heart and your big brown eyes
15. things I can’t mention publicly for sake of modesty
16. when you reach over for my hand while driving somewhere
17. our endless dinner parties and you doing dishes after
18. still wanting to be married to me after our 1st year!

anni 2

Happy 1st wedding anniversary Mr. Wang. To us! To many more anniversaries to come!
Heaven is going to be so sweet with my best friend by my side.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Wang

And now both our wedding videos and Mike’s home-made honeymoon video to share!